Press Release



July 11, 2016


Our County’s “Families in Harmony” provides the program for Parents!

Parents waiting for “little miracles”…

Parents are the answer! 

FIH building“Families In Harmony” began serving the community and its families only 6 months ago. They launched the first phase around auto mechanics. Yes! You got it right—auto mechanics! This facility has been working with teens who want to work with their hands, their brains, their problem solving skills, and get themselves on the right track. All of this is done under a hood of a car, lots of cars! Each member of the staff of mechanics has a special interest and passion in auto mechanics and kids. The two come together and the mentoring begins! Guide lines and boundaries are set by the mentors and the kids know what is expected of them. The consequences are clear, too. “START YOUR ENGINES, GUYS AND GALS! YOU’RE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!” roadFamilies in Harmony is a two story facility and sits on 10 acres of property. The first floor is dedicated to the auto mechanics and participating teens. Now, the second floor is open and ready to begin their next phase, Parent Project.  Up here on the second floor you will find classrooms, conference rooms, a game room/multi-purpose room.


Three of the rooms have the ambiance of your living room setting. They are cozy, comfortable and tranquil.

cozy livingroom             classroom          classroom 2

The Parent Project is a hands-on program led by facilitators who have been thoroughly trained by the program. It is designed for parents to be involved in classroom instruction restoring harmony within the home.  Concrete, no-nonsense solutions are provided.

It’s time for those “little miracles”!   wizard

For more information, call (800) 987-6543. The class schedules may be obtained by calling this number and they are ready for registration. Our caring staff is ready to welcome you and your family.


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  1. This does sound like an AMAZing Project can’t wait to hear more about it…keep me posted ☀️

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