Week 17HJ “Relax, ‘Grasshopper'”

Reeelaxxxxx… Power comes through repose. Indeed.

Who has ever studied martial arts? Or taken up cycling? Or played tennis? Or any sport? Relax the shoulders. Relax your neck, back, relax your arms. I briefly studied Shoto Kan Karata but don’t worry. I am no Karata warrior! I am more like a ballerina in a white gi with a green belt! “Relax,” the sensei would repeat over and over. Relaxing gives you the speed and power. And cycling? Relaxation helps slow down fatique. “Get those shoulders down, Marcia.” Pant, pant, huff, puff. “They are down” I’d yell back to my husband as he’d coach me. Relax.

And so it is here, at MKMMA. “Power comes through repose!” Relax during the sit. Actually, I focus on relaxing any time I sit. “Get those shoulders down,” I repeat to myself. Power comes through repose.

Enjoy the Superbowl everyone!! And reelaxxx!



Week #17 “Take the pack off…”

As I reflect on this past week, it was indeed a happy one. Reckon that means I gave myself permission to BE happy! Yep! I did! But how could I not? You probably had a happy week too! Am I right? We gave ourselves permission to be happy, to be joyful. And as we did this we concentrated on the events and people who showed kindness. We also focused on people demonstrating our next “makeover item”. That in itself brings you to a level of happiness, joy, and affirmation!! Right? Now, here is something else I discovered. If we are giving ourselves permission to be happy, joyful, successful, then we are more than likely discarding the happiness-killing agents!! C’mon now–I have a point here!! This means we are discarding guilt maybe? Shame? Fear? Self-doubt? Anger? Shall I continue?

I felt like a backpacker on a trail. Have you ever backpacked? There comes a time when you just have to rest a bit and take your pack off. Kinda like discarding the happiness-killing agents! You keep your eye on the “good stuff”–the kindnesses around you, the joys.

It all works together. By giving yourself permission to be happy, or to succeed, or to use your power, you also must discard those things holding you back and weighing you down! So, let’s all give ourselves permission and take our packs off!!


Week #16 “Smile…just smile”

I think you are probably misunderstanding the title to this blog. Most of you may be thinking I am referring to being nice, just be nice. Not really. This week I used it as a shield, a mask, camouflage.

I normally don’t attend small groups in our church. But some friends “pressured” me so off I went Wednesday evening.

I knew just about eveyone there, and some for a number of years. Good people.

It was a pleasant evening with good sharing. And then it

hit me! This group was an Alliance! It was their Alliance. It gave them strength and guidance I assumed.

As for me? I smiled a lot. I concluded that Alliances are crucial! And they should consist of like-minded people. I was not a part of this group and that is ok. As I sat there I reviewed my affirmations, how I was created first class, by first class, the Law of Giving and receiving, kindness, amazing creature, greeting each day with love in my heart. I smiled. These are hands-on tools and quite Biblical as well.

We need Alliances with like-minded people and should choose them with careful thought. And its OK if one particular Alliance does not let your light shine. Choose another. I have several alliances and one is MKMMA. Now this is something I smile about.




Week #15 “It’s no Fairy Tale”

Once upon a time there were 2 companies. Both were in similar industries. One had been around for over 30 years; the other was only 8-10 years old. Let’s call the older company “Grumpy”, and the name for the younger company we’ll call “Happy”.

“Grumpy” constantly reported that there was limited budget with which to work. At times, orders couldn’t be placed because there wasn’t enough money in the bank to purchase product for inventory. “Happy” always talked about how exciting it was in the industry. New ideas about products were constantly being tossed around. “Happy” frequently networked and build up an alliance of “like-minded people”. “Happy” would always say how exciting it is to work with like-minded people and how new ideas florished. “Let’s get to a million in sales!” And sales were on the rise! More production people were hired.

Oh “Grumpy”. What a shame. “Grumpy” always appeared tired. They had a sales person who sold their products better than anyone and especially excelled beyond the capabilities of the Boss! When “Grumpy” was asked why they don’t schedule this successful salesperson more days, the response was always, “We don’t have the money to pay the salesperson.”

“Grumpy” would not hesitate to reveal when there no funds to cover the rent that month. When “Grumpy” talked about his grandchildren without their parents in a war-torn country in Africa, “Grumpy” was quick to explain why nothing had been done to get them out. “We just don’t have the money; it’s very expensive.”

If only…if only “Grumpy” knew about “give more; get more”, “think abundance, get abundance”, “negative thoughts contain no vitality”, the “7 Laws”. If only “Grumpy” knew about and was open-minded about MKMMA. To “Grumpy”, all of this was just a Fairy Tale. On the other hand, to “Happy” this was all real; it is NO Fairy Tale!


Week #14 “Great one-liners”

There were so many one-liners that hit me this week! You too?? Like, “Believe and lock it in, so you can give it away.” This statement was in connection to another thought, “You were made first class by first class and entitled to go first class if you do a first class job of rendering more.” “Bring the love! Be the love!” I know, I am just regurgitating what we all heard in the Week 14 video. What’s it all mean to me? To you? These priceless one-liners are all connected to Happiness. It all starts within–within me/you. It’s the love in our hearts that counts, not all the stuff. Not all the things. And the more love we have, the more we should freely give, even when unexpected. And I will embarrassingly admit that I have been one to say that I would be happy when we made $xxxxx, or when we had xyz. It’s not the stuff; it’s the love. And one more one-liner, “I am enough.” That got to my very soul. Oh thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you for making me enough. Thank you for designing me with a heart that I can fill with love so I may freely give away.

All of these lessons, pearls of wisdom, go right into the DMP. I am re-writing my DMP with a new vision. Actually, it’s a new target for love. Well….maybe not a NEW target but rather an expanded one. It’s a newly discovered need that became evident when my husband and I found ourselves in the perdicament we are in. Listen, I don’t encourage anyone to developed poor habits, ineffective blue prints in order to be put in an unfortunate or horrible circumstances in order to discover a huge need in a community.  But it sure has been an eye-opener for us and gave us an up close and personal awareness of a real need. My situation makes these great one-liners pack a powerful punch! It’s all good! It all matters! I have that happy knack! I find tremendous value and use in those great one-liners. I am sure you can say the same.


Week #13 “A happy knack”

I like that statement, “Complete everything with a happy knack”! Just saying it makes me grin and have a bit of a giggle!

This Christmas season was a season to really get in touch with “gratitude”. I never really got it til this Christmas. I have given good lip service to it; I have always expressed how grateful I was and for what I had. But…..(don’t you just hate when someone says “But…”) But then I would be faced with a challenge or a struggle and it seems that gratitude went right out the window!! Grrrrr. Clearly, I have not understood the true meaning of Gratitude. Hey! I can feel you nudging me, OK? I know, I know. I believed it was an effect. Never realized it makes things happen!

Am I grateful now? You better believe it! My list is longer than ever–grateful for a nice, warm shower, home cooked meal, a home environment in which to sleep, my precious husband by my side, our dear friends, and Christ. You better believe it! And those who are following my blogs know exactly to what I am referring. Gratitude is a cause. Complete everything with a “happy knack”!


Week #12 “It all matters now”

Oh! The joy of Christmas…I mean the true joy! As you may recall from last week’s blog, my husband and I are homeless. We like to describe it as “just without an address”. Just as Emerson says, if you want prosperity and success but do not strive to change in anyway, how can you expect things to be any different? That was us…not only in financial areas, but personal life as well.

Personal life?? Expecially during this Christmas season it became evident. As we find ourselves without a home, and all of our personal belongings are in boxes in our friend’s warehouse, certain things make a difference; it starts to matter. And Christmas is the time of year we have to spend time those family members who are….you know the type. STOP!! Don’t go there Marcia! The Law of Substitution is marvelous at this point in time. Being in our situation, I get down right disappointed in myself when a negative thought comes to mind. How dare I? The negativity is so trite now. It has become foolish, because when you are searching for a safe, comfortable place to stay, the negative thoughts about whatever seem so…so…dumb. And these negative thoughts only drag you down.  Get what I am saying? Don’t sweat the little stuff. Stay focused on what we are learning. It’s all like a current in a stream; it moves you along. If you get caught in one of those eddies, think of it as going back to your old blue print! Remember OG, Emerson, the Laws, Scroll 2, Scroll 3!!! It all matters!

This has been God’s plan all along I believe. We chose to live in the old blue print, doing the same bad habits over and over til we came to the realization we had to “tap out”. Not  quit! Just go back to training with a different coach!! MKMMA! All these lessons matter. They are the tools that comprise our new blue print, our new thought processes, our new hearts. And it’s amazing! We are seeing changes already! We see light at the end of this tunnel! We see our DMP evolving, changing and becoming a reality! It all matters now! Greet each day with love in our hearts! amen!