About Marcia

I was a “military brat”. That’s the term used to describe kids whose parent was in the military. My Dad was Air Force. This meant we moved every 3 years, and I thought everyone did. My parents were terrific at encouraging me to embrace every move; so I did. I found moving exciting as it meant new friends, new places to live, new sights and new sounds, new part of the world.

I have degrees in Special Education and taught for several years, and then I decided I wanted to get into medical sales. So I did!

I have two sons in their 20’s and a crazy, funny husband, Glen. All 3 of these guys are a kick in the pants! After all…I am a “yellow”!

It’s all about family and people to me. Give me people, people, people and I am content.


3 thoughts on “About Marcia

  1. aloha Marcia…I’m yellow too, nice to meet you☀️


  2. Marcia, I just read this…..and I would LOVE to talk to you sometime! Seems we have a lot in common!

    I was also an “Air Force Brat”, moved every 2-3 years -my dad was a fighter pilot who served for 32 years. So much reflection on my upbringing has come to the surface the past few of years – and especially after starting on this journey with MKMMA. Of course, the memories I cherish – and my parents instilled in me a true love for travel and new adventures. But I’ve also had some epiphanies lately that have shed some light on things…..and helped me come into realization of aspects of my old blueprint. All of this has been on my mind so much this year, as I lost my dad in December and my mom is also now failing fast. Numerous “ah-ha moments”, to say the least.

    I, too, am a yellow, have kids in their 20’s (one son) and went into the biomedical field after college……..not sales, but medical research and then management. After replacing my corporate income with my network marketing business, i walked.


  3. Love to chat with you! Here’s my email we military beats gotta stick together.
    I lost my Dad in the late 90’s and my mom in 07. We were so close. Miss em like crazy.
    email me. Thanks for reaching out!


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