Week 23: “The leg bone is connected to the…”


Human anatomy class…ah yes. The human body is made up of 270 bones at birth. There are about 1,000 individual organs in the body, the skin being the largest organ. We can actually see these bones and organs; they are tangible. But what about the intangible part of our being, spirit. It’s what we can’t see; we can’t touch. It’s non-physical. Just as the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, there are those of use who believe the spirit has its connection. The spirit is the connection to God! We are a spirit with a body.

The spirit is the base for emotions and character. It’s our job to seek harmony between the body and spirit. In our sit we focused on just this very thing, seeking spiritual methods to achieve harmony. What about the 3 Laws of Least Effort? Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness. I thought these were spiritual methods; and they sure require less energy than defending myself all of the time, or blaming other people for my situation, or struggling against the whole universe! I am a spirit with a body.

As I sat I could visualize the other tools I have learned to maintain harmony between spirit and body. The 7 Laws of Life, Mental Diet, Giving, greeting each day with love in my heart. Just as I should strive to have a well-balanced diet for my body, I strive to have that balance between spirit and body by my gratitude, love, and being happy as I finish each sit!! What a great anatomy class this was!






3 thoughts on “Week 23: “The leg bone is connected to the…”

  1. Marcia… I love how you reiterate we are a Spirit with a body! Great blog.


  2. spirit with a body was awesome to focus on during the sit


  3. OH what FUN I Like this Post mahalo for sharing 🙂


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