Week 23: “The leg bone is connected to the…”

Human anatomy class…ah yes. The human body is made up of 270 bones at birth. There are about 1,000 individual organs in the body, the skin being the largest organ. We can actually see these bones and organs; they are tangible. But what about the intangible part of our being, spirit. It’s what we can’t see; we can’t touch. It’s non-physical. Just as the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, there are those of use who believe the spirit has its connection. The spirit is the connection to God! We are a spirit with a body.

The spirit is the base for emotions and character. It’s our job to seek harmony between the body and spirit. In our sit we focused on just this very thing, seeking spiritual methods to achieve harmony. What about the 3 Laws of Least Effort? Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness. I thought these were spiritual methods; and they sure require less energy than defending myself all of the time, or blaming other people for my situation, or struggling against the whole universe! I am a spirit with a body.

As I sat I could visualize the other tools I have learned to maintain harmony between spirit and body. The 7 Laws of Life, Mental Diet, Giving, greeting each day with love in my heart. Just as I should strive to have a well-balanced diet for my body, I strive to have that balance between spirit and body by my gratitude, love, and being happy as I finish each sit!! What a great anatomy class this was!







Week #22a “Sticks & Stones can…”

Sticks & stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Wanna make a bet? Words do hurt, but it’s up to me to choose the best way to deal with it. Well, I love to just stew in it awhile, lick my wounds, and judge the person who used those hurtful words. Second guessing myself is always a part of it; that always requires a lot of energy and time. Oh! Wait there’s more–then the stomach begins to churn…rumble…gurgle. It’s noisey! I can’t help it!!

Hold on! I have been learning that I CAN help it! Listen, I’d like to think it would be easier without hurt feelings, but I see where these situations are an opportunity for self awareness and healing. It provides a time to observe–Learn, Observe, Think.

As you can guess, my feelings got so hurt early in the week. The person was a jerk; he didn’t even know…..STOP! I have to figure this out using my new tools. It’s been said that hurt feelings may be an indication of something inside of me unresolved. If in the world without there is something producing hurt feeling, there must be something in the world within still unresolved. So, what do I do with hurt feelings? It’s all my choice. I am in the driver’s seat. I have free will–we all do! Shall I allow the hurt feelings to ruin my week? my weeks? Shall I give that individual the power to ruin my life that day? Or week? Once again, it’s all my choice. It’s not unusual for any of us to judge ourselves for having hurt feelings or for judging the author of those hurtful words. But who will be given the power? Me? Or that person?

I allowed the hurt feeling. But I am in the driver’s seat! I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy. Repeat that! People are going to act and behave according to their own rules. When we are blind-sided by a person’s behavior that is not what we expect, BAM! Hurt feelings. Do we accept the hurt feeling? Then learn from the hurt feeling? Then…let it go? Who has the power? I do! You do! Who wants to sit and listen to the stomach gurgling, churning, and rumbling all day?? I don’t any more! I have Hanaal to read, cards to go through, walks to take in nature, and affirmations to revisit!! My observations indicate that I am better off letting go! I feel so much better…..”sigh”. Thanks!


Week #22 “Shhhh…I know!”


Shhh….I know. Yes, I was going to get around the silence thing…but, well, you know, life got in the way. I’ll get to it, I promise. (did you get that?)And anyway…what did I miss?? I mean really?

Then I sat down and investigated the importance of silence–real silence as was in our assignment. Did you know that Smartphone users check their phones every 6.5 minutes, which adds up to about 150 times a day?? Silence is replaced with the harshness of communication, and solitude is replaced with social media. Yikes! Silence and solitude are becoming extinct creatures. Hummm….is that really a big deal?

I discovered it IS a big deal! Huge! We are basically a culture that assigns self-worth with productivity–gotta get that project done, meet this deadline, get the chores done, go see ‘whats-her-name’. You get the picture. BURNOUT! Solitude/silence provides the much needed break. And I thought a break would be a trip to the islands….Silence is far less expensive and no doubt more healthy even!

After reading several blogs this week, I have concluded that silence heightens sensitivity and awareness. I want that! And I read people were brought back to the present–their DMPs even!

Some sources I investigated explained that silence improves memory. Did you know that combining solitude with a walk in nature causes brain growth in the hippocampus region?? That’s in the middle of the brain and is shaped like a seahorse. Its job is to index our memories! I should build a cabin in the middle of a forest and live there. I couldn’t remember where I put my keys yesterday…they were in my pocket! See?

Silence increases self-awareness. We have learned that in this MKMMA journey. And self-awareness may be likened to a lab test; you become aware of who you are, what’s in your heart. That is good.

Who wouldn’t want this benefit from silence and solitude: Brain growth! UCLA did that research! Sitting in silence, mentally resting, improves the “folding” of the cortex and boosts our ability to process information. Silence in peaceful environment will “thicken gray matter”. I should build a BIG cabin in the woods!

My researching uncovered several other benefits of silence like mastering discomfort, bringing your mind back from distracting thoughts, emottional cleansing.

Shhhh….I know. This is all powerful and so important. It’s not just sitting without the phone, TV, etc. It’s carving out that precious time for something priceless that benefits yourself, your brain, your health, your life, your relationships.

Must close now. Time to get my hiking boots ready for my outting to a favorite path , with lots of trees, sun, sweet smells of pine needles, birds singing. I’m packing a lunch and taking lots of water. I need lots of quiet-time.

Thank you MKMMA and everyone! I am blesed.