Week #20 “Danger in Road Ahead: Comfort Zone!”


Now doesn’t that title seem contradictory to you? Danger? Comfort? I thought a “comfort zone” was a place or situation where one feels safe, or at ease, and without stress. Sure seems fine to me; those are positive and pleasant words of description. And one can actually feel in control when in a “comfort zone”. Excuse me! What is wrong with that??


If this drawing of the 2 circles is true, why do we honker down in the comfort zone so long? It’s like that freezing cold morning, raining, windy, miserable. You are all snug in bed; you’re in that perfect position in bed with ultimate comfort and coziness. You still have sugar plums dancing in your head. Now why in the world would you want to leave that warm, cozy, comfortable, safe, dry sleep environment and go out into the cold??? The bed is your comfort zone! The world outside is where the action is and magic happens.

I look back on my life and focus on the last 20 years and see I hid in my comfort zone. Oh I could talk a good talk and say I how I loved to stretch my boundaries and explore options. I’d explore all right and then retreat and wonder why nothing changed. Fear, anger, unworthiness kept me snug in that bed. Those inhibitors blocked me from the magic of life.

It wasn’t until my husband and I had to sell furniture, things, stuff in order to survive that I was forced to use that anger, unworthiness and fear to get out of the comfort zone…not to mention the fact that this zone was all but gone! We didn’t even have a place to live.

But we stepped (rather crawled) out of that comfort zone! We became introduced to MKMMA and the fabulous team. We have studied, done the exercises and stayed focused. People have come into our lives who have presented us with opportunity and growth. We have magic happening all around us now. Just by recognizing these inhibitors or blockades has evaporated them, or almost all of them. Tools gained through this experience with MKMMA has been the battering ram to get out and move forward. What an amazing journey!

Do I want to go back to the comfort zone? Are you nuts? Nothing happened there! It’s happening now! We have a future, we have purpose, we have attitude–the right attitude. I like to say,

My Attitude + My Choices = My life

That’s a great mathematical equation, wouldn’t you say?

Yes! Danger IS found in comfort zones. There is no growth, no life, no adventure. I didn’t even know I had spiritual wealth much less the magical power of thought! And you read what resulted from me being oblivious to this power. Crash n burn!

 Yes indeed! What a future! What magic! Bye bye comfort zone!


5 thoughts on “Week #20 “Danger in Road Ahead: Comfort Zone!”

  1. Great post Marcia! Love watching you grow


  2. I love your blog. It’s a great reminder to all of us!


  3. GR8 explanation Mahalo for sharing Gratitude…


  4. This post reminds me to aspire to my “discomfort zone”, as that’s where the real rainbow ends. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Great Share….You are keeping your focus and it is exciting to see.


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