Week #13 “A happy knack”

I like that statement, “Complete everything with a happy knack”! Just saying it makes me grin and have a bit of a giggle!

This Christmas season was a season to really get in touch with “gratitude”. I never really got it til this Christmas. I have given good lip service to it; I have always expressed how grateful I was and for what I had. But…..(don’t you just hate when someone says “But…”) But then I would be faced with a challenge or a struggle and it seems that gratitude went right out the window!! Grrrrr. Clearly, I have not understood the true meaning of Gratitude. Hey! I can feel you nudging me, OK? I know, I know. I believed it was an effect. Never realized it makes things happen!

Am I grateful now? You better believe it! My list is longer than ever–grateful for a nice, warm shower, home cooked meal, a home environment in which to sleep, my precious husband by my side, our dear friends, and Christ. You better believe it! And those who are following my blogs know exactly to what I am referring. Gratitude is a cause. Complete everything with a “happy knack”!



Week #12 “It all matters now”

Oh! The joy of Christmas…I mean the true joy! As you may recall from last week’s blog, my husband and I are homeless. We like to describe it as “just without an address”. Just as Emerson says, if you want prosperity and success but do not strive to change in anyway, how can you expect things to be any different? That was us…not only in financial areas, but personal life as well.

Personal life?? Expecially during this Christmas season it became evident. As we find ourselves without a home, and all of our personal belongings are in boxes in our friend’s warehouse, certain things make a difference; it starts to matter. And Christmas is the time of year we have to spend time those family members who are….you know the type. STOP!! Don’t go there Marcia! The Law of Substitution is marvelous at this point in time. Being in our situation, I get down right disappointed in myself when a negative thought comes to mind. How dare I? The negativity is so trite now. It has become foolish, because when you are searching for a safe, comfortable place to stay, the negative thoughts about whatever seem so…so…dumb. And these negative thoughts only drag you down.  Get what I am saying? Don’t sweat the little stuff. Stay focused on what we are learning. It’s all like a current in a stream; it moves you along. If you get caught in one of those eddies, think of it as going back to your old blue print! Remember OG, Emerson, the Laws, Scroll 2, Scroll 3!!! It all matters!

This has been God’s plan all along I believe. We chose to live in the old blue print, doing the same bad habits over and over til we came to the realization we had to “tap out”. Not  quit! Just go back to training with a different coach!! MKMMA! All these lessons matter. They are the tools that comprise our new blue print, our new thought processes, our new hearts. And it’s amazing! We are seeing changes already! We see light at the end of this tunnel! We see our DMP evolving, changing and becoming a reality! It all matters now! Greet each day with love in our hearts! amen!


Week #12 “Who woulda thought…?”

Yes…you’re right. I am late with my blog. And if you have followed by recent blogs you may not be too surprised. Going back to Week #10, “What if?” you will recall my husband and I are without a home. Now, don’t go on with, “Marcia, I’m so sorry…” This is an incredible journey and does not welcome any pity. Guess why. By going through this dramatic experience, Glen and I have found how powerful the MKMMA is. I mean POWERFUL! We have been forced into a situation that has required thought, focus, knowledge, courage and faith. Don’t for one minute think I am just reciting page 80 of Master Key- Part 12. It has been survival. So, what have we been doing? Continuing to look for employment of course, but also focusing on the 7 Laws and living them,  greeting each day with love in our hearts even when told by organizations that they cannot help. We were even told that we will have to sleep in our car because “Sometimes we have to do what we have to do.” And as we ate one of our meals in our car, we went over our DMPs together in alliance with one another. Our purpose is to develop an organization for teens and families, restoring harmony, unity, parenting classes, …it’s all in my Press Release. And then it happened!! Glen ran into an acquaintance from 2 years ago. His business is in financing various projects in the field of athetics, after all he was once an Olympian. Their conversation became centered around each other’s purpose and this gentleman’s goal was much like our DMP but with a different slant. The Homeless!! The Homelessness of  professionals who have lost their careers due to economic times; the Homeless who have the Degrees once framed on walls but are now packed away in boxes in a friend’s warehouse. The Homeless who refuse to borrow any more money  and will sweep streets, repair the ceilings of warehouses that were damaged in our last rain storm, baby sit kids and/or their pets to earn immediate money. The brains began working, creating, storming with ideas and our DMP is beginning to sprout. Because we have seen how the  “system” broke down in helping our homeless situation, we clearly see a need. Our research begins, interviewing existing facilities, organizations, churches. Our old Blueprint, which got us into this embarassing, humiliating, challenging situation is replaced with our new Blueprint, DMP, the 7 Laws, Og, Law of Giving. GIVE! LOVE! FAITH! Easy words to read and say, right? Glorious lessons to learn. Who woulda thought this would happen to us? Regrets? Anger? Resentment? Not on your life. Let the DMPs begin. (…and by the way, someone heard about our situation and has lovingly invited us into their home. God is good all of the time; and all of the time God is good. GIVE!)

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Week #11 “Right Dad?”

Do you remember when you first realized that life was going to present you with challenges? I do. Life’s challenges seemed to begin gnashing their teeth in High School. You know, when peers gossiped  about you, or a “friend” betrayed your trust, or the guy or girl you had a crush on was totally oblivious to your existence. I can remember coming home from a “tragic” day at school and waiting for my Dad to come home from work. I would pour my heart out to him about this horrible event and his response was, “Well Doll, this is all character building.” When we all stop to think about it, each decade seems to have its own degree of gnashing, right?  And as I grow up, I would continue to share my trials and tribulations with Dad, mostly by phone as I had moved away for my career. And my Dad’s response would remain, “Well, it’s all character building.” In my 40’s I recall a phone conversation with him about a tough situation and after he shared the same response I just had to say, “Then Dad, I am dripping in character! When will I have enough character?!” He quietly chuckled. If only my Dad were alive today. I would ask exactly what he meant by it. As it is, I can only guess. Life is about building character, a little bit at a time. And you only build it by falling down, getting back up and moving on. Falling, getting up, moving on. Falling, getting up, moving on. Our persistence is the key to character building! Character doesn’t just fall from the sky into our laps. It needs to be built—one step at a time without complacency. Continue on the journey and watch that character bloom! Right Dad?


Week #10 “What if…?”

What if you wanted to really test the power of “all this MKMMA stuff”? I mean, REALLY put it to the test to see if it works? Can it really help you survive an obstacle and steer a desireable course in harmony? Can it hold your relationship together in harmony? Come on now! Can it??

Daily readings, repeatings, affirmations, memorizing the 7 Laws, passionately screaming the DMP all of the time are all fine and dandy, but what if…..?

What if you and your spouse finally “tap out” and realize rent cannot be paid. What if you sold just about everything to pay bills for the past few months. A year + of unemployment can sure drain bank accounts, right? Would all those readings, repeatings, affirmations really help? Can peace and harmony be found when you don’t know where you are going to live?

Come on now! What if you have degrees, awards, and past accomplishments? Won’t that be enough to help you get over all of this? You mean to tell me there may be bad habits that must be replaced? What bad habits??? Excuse me?! The Law of Giving and Receiving? How will that put a roof over your head and your loved one? Does repeating “I can be what I will to be” have any impact on this situation?

Let’s look at this one: What if you finally tell AT&T to cut the internet service and TV because you can’t keep chasing that bill either? What? No internet? You would probably find an alternate source for internet, Starbucks, Library. That would work, right? By repeating “I will persevere” the work, correspondence, and emails could stay caught up. Maybe?

The Law of Dual Thought, The Law of Practice, The Law of Forgiveness may be reviewed over and over. But does it buy groceries? What if you threw in a few extra DMP readings accompanied with so much emotion your neck veins pop? What if….

What if all of this happened and more, would all of these exercises and practices do any good? Would they really keep you grounded, focused, in harmony, loving, strong, powerful, whole, and happy? Of course you’d have lots on your mind and a lot to solve, a lot of networking with people to find short term and immediate solutions to challenges. Then you’d have time to get the new journey mapped out. You would probably be less encumbered and more powerful because you would feel like you have a new “command post” and now gather your “troops”, rather your new tools and skills! And you may even give that partner/spouse a huge hug because you got a team-thing going. You both reinforce each others’ affirmations, power, peace, liberty, harmony, love, strength.

These tools, exercises, readings are real and powerful. When they are internalized and literally put to the test, the miracles begin. And when you whole-heartedly greet each person with love in your heart and make them feel like a millions bucks (even though you wish you had that million! HA) you soar! You attract solutions and answers, new solutions.

What if this happens to YOU? Be grateful you have the tools, the leaders, the where-with-all to do it! After all, “you can be what you will to be”, and you WILL. I know….