Week #9 “SMACK”! Right between the eyes!

Did you receive a lot of Thanksgiving Day cards or Greetings this year? As you read or heard these messages, did many of them sound familiar? Deja vu? Right?

This year, because of MKMMA, these greetings and messages had quite a different impact on me this time. I was able to attach more feelings to them. How about you?

For example, how about this one: “Be thankful for what you have. You’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, never have enough.” Hummmmm. Now where have we heard that these past 9 weeks? Law of Attraction? Mental diet? Law of Substitution? Source of Power?

OK. And this one? “Thankfulness disrupts complaining.” SMACK!!!!! Right between the eyes, yes?! Law of Substitution, etc, etac.

Last one. “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” Some of us may be smiling from ear to ear,  followed by more gratefulness. Others may be feeling regret, “Rats! Why didn’t I think to do that?” OUCH! Don’t worry folks! It is never too late to give thanks!

I feel safe to say all of are grateful for MKMMA. This has impacted all of our lives in varying ways and messures. Give thanks today!



Week #8 Kool Aid is yucky!

It’s no one’s fault, really. We just start drinking the Kool Aid at an early age. I am mainly talking about the “worry Kool Aid” here. You know the one. It’s the one thats flavor is “worry shows you care. Speaking in negative terms shows how serious you are about the situation, the circumstances”. Hating the “darkness” is a required flavor and hence an acquired taste. Did you get that? Not the Kool Aid, but my point?

And what about the flavor specifically mixed for the people we encounter? Now that’s an interesting one. It is a flavor that says show the other person you are depressed, worried, (there’s that word again), sad. That flavor will express how important you are and how brave you are to carry all these burdens! Wow! Now this Kool Aid flavor is something else, isn’t it.

And lastly, how about that Kool Aid flavor that tastes like “escape”. Ah, come on, now. Most people know what flavor I am referring to–some don’t and you know the type. They’re the ones who have not heard of MKMMA! Exactly! The flavor of escape to TV, continuous Facebook, more TV, FoxNews, Dancing with the Stars, internet. Is this favor the excape from personal interaction from those we love? An excape from the basics of life? Hummmmm

Well, these past few weeks have shown me that the good ol Kool Aid that I have been drinking is yucky. Have to admit–there have been times I yearned for a big gulp of that Kool Aid but then the Law of Substitution comes up and so does God….Jesus, the Master Teacher.

We are pouring the old Kool Aid down the drain! It is yucky!!


Week #7 So Many Nooks and Crannies…

I am sitting here saying to myself, “Are you kidding me? You really have nothing to say about Week 7??” And as my fingers hover over the keyboard, my brain is going 180 mph! In fact, there is so much to say about Week 7 of MKMMA. I think the only person in MKMMA who would truly have nothing to say would be a person in a coma.

I kinda chuckle at myself…I have always been told I am such an outgoing person, always happy and positive about everything! Ahh oh! Never gave it much thought but in reality the “No negative thoughts” was a huge slam in my face. Reality was painful and gave me a yucky feeling. I have had my ‘restart’ periods. Many in fact.

Nothing to say? In fact, I am amazed how all of the material we are reading has those recurring themes/pearls of wisdom. Every one of them! Og Mandeno, Seven Day Mental Diet, the guy/gal in the mirror, our DMPs, Law of Compensation, etc, etc, etc. And would you believe 2 movies we selected to see also carried the same messages? ! Get you “insides” in order so your “outsides” can work in favor of success, happiness, and harmony! Didn’t realize I had so many “nooks and crannies” within harboring thoughts and behaviors that are holding me back. I am doing a lot of work to get my world within on track! Halleluya!


Week 6 What?! Who’s Talkin’ Here?

Wait til my husband reads this blog. I am so glad he doesn’t know any of you because he would have a grand time sharing stories about me!  (And believe me, his teasing is all in good, loving humor. He is a kick in the pants!)

I had a bit of a rough start on this week’s assignments; got the flu shot on Saturday and I had a bit of a reaction to it…achie, headache, etc, etc. But yesterday I was in full force. Man I cranked it out, with Glen’s help of course! Got my 8 sheets printed up. Designed my poster using the 4 shapes out of material that had the right colors and TEXTURES! So when I pass that board, I give those shapes a bit of a rub and it triggers….WAIT! Here’s where it gets confusing to me!! Who is talking to whom? Am I telling subby to link color, shapes, PPN, SMART goals, and textures to one another? Or is subby talking to me? Who is doing all this talking in my head and heart?? (see why Glen has a field day with this?? “Marcia hear’s talking in her head!” HA!) Seriously, doing the poster with the colors and               textures made a huge difference to me. I got the connection easily now! And the poster really has made my DMP personal! Really personal. Guess you could say I’m a hands-on kinda gal! A hands-on kinda gal who hears talking in her head! Is that you subby? Wait! Is that me talking?? Doesn’t really matter does it now. I have the communication going. What a week.