First and briefly, allow me to share my experience surrounding the “no opinions” rule we were given this week. I no sooner got into work then I was approached by a frequent customer who was on the customary rampage after an event in the news. As I drew in a huge breath to join in on this opinionated discussion, I remembered, “NO OPINIONS!” So now what was I supposed to do with this huge volume of oxygen expanding my airways and lungs? I love political discussions!  My homeschool government class of high school students would attest to that! As a diversionary tactic, I pretended to sneeze instead! Following that act, “Oh, Joe. I can understand how you feel,” was all I said. And customer Joe had this devastated and disappointed look all over his face. I was finally saved by the phone and politely excused myself! Hey Mark J?? Were you behind this test??! HA

This week I came to the conclusion that our society programs us to worry, to fear. If we don’t show signs of worry or fear, we must not care. It is as though worry is a badge of courage. Right? Wrong!  It’s these impressions that are of no value and will “be mildewed and rotten and will bring us only more toil and care and anxiety”. Time for that mental house-cleaning process. Funny how it all goes back to bad habits.

I have taken time to see where I am this week. That mental house-cleaning is a must if I am to make the kind of ideals or mental images which I desire to realize. The key word is “desire”. I do so desire those images, and I will make those images turn into reality. It’s gonna be one heck of a journey.



Week 4 “POWAH”

Never thought a lot about “power”. I mean the power of I….the power of GIVING. I have always been a giving person, Special Ed teacher, volunteering here and there, tutoring kids, you know the usual. And I have always felt so good about it.

As I read the Law of Giving over and over, a different feeling comes over me. More internal, more dynamic, maybe more meaningful. It’s about giving when you/they least expect it, those not scheduled occasions. It is truly the little things. A smile, a wink, a prayer, a fragrant flower, a “thank you”, a “so happy to see you”, now this is powerful!  I am grateful for this reflection.

And now the Power of I! YIKES! You know the part, Week 4 #3–Your personality is made up of countless individual characteristics, peculiarities, habits, and traits of character; these are the result of your former method of thinking, but they have nothing to do with the real “I”. The power to think; I can be what I will to be. But when you have learned to control yourself you have found the “World Within”… will have become irresistible. Now that is “POWAH”.

Use it wisely. Use it.


Week #3 Sleeping with the Enemy

OK!  OK!  True confession here! Last Sunday was a battle for me. First, the WiFi went down; had to wait til Monday to finish watching the Webinar. The rest of the Sunday I continued to say to myself, “I can’t possibly do any of this without THAT! (webinar). I felt like I was a little kid trying to get up the confidence to ride my 2-wheeler without the training wheels. I struggled with my DMP. I was wrestling with the location, time, sacrifices, on and on. I was really afraid to write anything. I mumbled to myself, “I can’t do this.”

As I read Week 3 of MKMMA I studied page 20–that 4-letter word, FEAR. Fear sure had a hold on me the day before. And yes! A FEAR has had a hold on me for quite some time. Fear is the enemy, and I have been “Sleeping with the Enemy” for a long time. I had no idea. When Fear is destroyed, our light will shine!

And now I have a clearer understanding of the relationship between Fear and Tension. Tension provides the perfect conditions for mental chaos, worry, anxiety and of course FEAR. RELAX! Destroy the FEAR!

“Just do it!” I wondered why I felt so crowded at night. I’m kicking that enemy out!


Week 2- Another gulp of elixir!

Picture this: I just got off of a train in a bustling city. People are whirling around me everywhere! Noises everywhere! I know I have a destination so I walk up the huge screen that displays the “coming and going” of this station. Holy Cow!!! Hold on! This is a foreign country! I don’t even speak the language. I words like “blog”, “Chore”, “PPN”, “DMP” are flooding in! This station is much like a merry-go-round. STOP MARCIA! Then I hear a voice in words I understand, “The feeling of being overwhelmed is your subconscious telling you to quit…over-rule it.” Whew! Rescued just in the nick of time!
Truth be known, I look forward to “partaking of the midday meal” so I can once again pick up Mr. Mandino. I am once again getting a gulp of that fresh elixir! And slowly the blogging is making sense, and the DMP is becoming clearer. This is just my first revision of the original DMP. I am having “ah ha” moments as I raise that glass of elixir to my lips. Don’t get me wrong…I am aware that this travel plan has a long way to go.
I have to admit to something here. Remember when we had to put that pen in our non-dominant hand and write those 7 categories for the PPN? And then we had to look away, then look at the words and circle two? FREAK OUT! I felt so totally out of control. Exactly! Let that subconscious go girl. I sat back and stared at what just happened. I liked it! Excuse me while I take another sip of the elixir.
So, here I am on this journey with all of you. I am a deer in headlights. Thank goodness for the glass of elixir to refresh me throughout.

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Week 1-The Elixir

Week 1-The new Elixir

You know you hear the words “subconscious”, “habits”, “world within/world without”, “failure”, “success” and they are just words. Oh sure. You can look up the definitions but that’s according to Webster’s. And that was all O.K. by me—until Week 1 of MKMMA! OMG!!

So, here I am sitting at the edge of my chair. I am now thirsty for this new, refreshing, sparkling, vitamin-enriched elixir! But my drinking glass is already full. It is filled with nasty, dirty, cloudy water. As I execute the daily assignments each day of this first week, more and more of that dirty water is poured out to make room for the fresh, clean elixir! I had developed such a taste for that nasty stuff. Actually, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. It didn’t taste foul. I have continued to gulp it down for years now, in fact. I have wondered why I never felt refreshed, successful, energized. And every day I did the same thing; I drank the muddy stuff right down.

Here it is one week into MKMMA. As I said. I am thirsty for new drink. I cannot wait for my glass to be emptied of that yucky stuff so I can fill it all the way to the rim with fresh, energizing thirst-quencher.

Doing the DMP was grueling. My previous exercises in goals writing assigned by the self-help videos and tapes were a snap. Oh I had it! But THIS DMP is different. This had to be real, the truth. It had to be MINE. Do you mean that I am now going to be held accountable for my behavior?? I now have to pay attention to my thinking”, my “are”, my “do”, my “be”???? No more smoke-screen?? This scared me to death. That is, until I did it. This is the first time I really did write my desire, a starting point of all achievement! It’s just a draft, I know! But I get goose bumps when I read my DMP! I get emotional. This DMP matters to me now. All of this matters now!

What an adventure upon which I am embarking! It’s gonna be an “Eeeeee Riiiiide!”